Monday, 19 December 2011

Why Blog?

First, welcome and thank you.

Quick introduction,my name is Michael Malone, I prefer Mike. I live in New Zealand, a small, yet pert little country at the bottom of the South Pacific.

Early life growing-up on a high country station in the southern South Island made me fiercely independent plus highly inquisitive about the land I lived upon and the varied and interesting people that passed through.

It was my choice to attend catholic boarding school as a teenager and reflecting back, I encountered the best and the worst human nature had to offer in confined communal living. Working diligently I raised enough money to study applied science (horticultural science back then) at Massey University.

Now I find myself blending this passion for the land, love of innovation, inquisitiveness and skill in observation of human beings as a career in proactive search for big and small companies. My reward comes through hard work, tenacity and focus in finding the best people, building trust and matching them to varied opportunities and cultures that inspire them. I enjoy what I do and hopefully the recognition and support of those I aim to serve.

Write a blog, was written down as a goal for 2012. My future content and commentary will aim to reflect both the radical changes occurring in the search for talent plus be informative about issues and opportunities as they arise within our primary industries.


Mike Malone

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