Monday, 9 July 2012

Business Limitation Lamentation:

I lament the loss, oh so briefly of AgCareers as our entity, our brand. It defined us for quite a few years. But like my current saying its past its use by date. nine years ago I became an executive recruiter learning the ropes of recruitment the way its done and done properly people. I learn't the importance of sticking up for retained work by that I mean some money up front to do the job, and do it well. Fact is in doing so both parties have committed themselves to a contract to reach a solution. i.e. to seek out great people with skills that would serve your client well.

I had to mentor a few ill trained contingency recruiters that there is a process to follow. Be discerning, do your reference checks, give the client the pluses and the minuses. After all we are dealing in human beings and they are complex, irrational, mildly dishonest, competitive, in fact list of adjectives is endless. Point being that there is never the perfect candidate, we are all flawed yet we can, when motivated or evoked be capable of great things with certain forte to match. If those are well aligned and fit well into the current group you call your company guess what? Nine times out of ten those people will serve your business well.

I mention in my last blog that old ways of finding talent just doesn't apply so as we evolve a a business we wanted a brand that reflected our genuineness, our alignment to the industry we love working for.

So say hello to Affinity4 our new brand. I'm joined now by Phil Butler & Michele (admin guru) together we hope to combine our forte, and passion for agribusiness, as we evolve recruitment approach and tools to entice talent and speed up process in a very competitive talent market. We are in the throes of evolution and change people! Bringing some exciting experts and creatives on board to deliver these new tools to market your
employment brand and genuinely engage better with talented people.

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