Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Interesting day indeed.

Last two weeks have had some quality meetings with clients about their biggest issues on recruitment front.

It seems opportunity levels are rising as companies finally realise this is the new era of post recession, where uncertainty and change remain high and productivity and economic growth worldwide remain consistently low. Europe with its austerity measures, United states of America's traditional economic rebound spluttering like a big engine with the coke on full. Emerging nations being duly and rightfully cautious in their approach to crippled capitalism. So they are just getting on with what they do well.

Back to the point opportunity or specific jobs are available but there is a paradigm, or a trending shift away from how it's been done up to now. They want better fit to specific skills they want better learners, better adaptation, better ideas, better fit culturally.

Where are these people likely to come from? Well not locally it seems. You have to turn a lot of stones before you find a good hire locally. Then there's the issue of location. Who wants to live in Dunedin,South Canterbury,Southland,Taranaki or fill that post in Russia? So it really comes down once agaign to selling your locality, talking about work/life balance. Everything the baby-boomers employers seemingly hate about generation x,y & z and now generation me.

So as we move forward it is becoming more about the sourcing, the selling of opportunity, the face to face engagement and trust you develop with the other person and I mean not just on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter. But good old conversation on the phone or networking. It's about self promotion people, self promotion and a willingness to change and adapt to the new world order.

Until next time, evolve people!

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