Monday, 30 April 2012

Why The Lack Of Blogging Mike ?

Been a long time since my last post. For good reason: Past three years we have found the majority of opportunities to work with our clients in informatively seeking out talent has lead us to work in South Island of New Zealand due to shortages of the right people and the continuing growth in farming down here especially in dairying.

But first,why the inactivity especially in blogging? Well as of March 2012. I made decision to exit Auckland and return to Southland.

It wasn't the weather, it wasn't the fact that a lot of clients are based in Auckland and surrounding regions it was the fact that most primary sector growth and opportunity is occurring here in the South Island. Next is the fact we are a pretty parochial bunch at times and the "non sono del posto, I'm from the big cahuna!" doesn't help you engage as well. So being back amongst the good rural folk is more informative and they actually appreciate the fact that your in amongst them. We identified how important trust is in any networking or business relationship especially when selling an opportunity to good performers. Other fact is that I've got parents still farming here and equity in the family farm. Both need due care and attention. So personal reasons played and important part in this relocation decision.

With a trusted new business partner in Lower North Island we are striving towards better synergy, growth and evolution of the recruitment and information business. Technology also played its cards in the decision as the R.B.I.(rural broadband initiative) means our infrastructure for productivity is improving plus we are applying/learning new innovations to improve productivity. Finally the intent is to move the business to the southern hub of Queenstown as travel costs from this vibrant hub have improved with the return of Virgin airlines so Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne are quite affordable options to travel frequently to clients or do national assignments. Broadband in the town is exceptionally good, great conference facilities for future engagements.
Plus what an inspiring place to be based from!

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